Our Services

Email Marketing

Our proprietary Flicker™ technology consumes millions of signals daily which are used in conjunction with our registration based first-party data, allowing you to precisely target segments both with affinity and engagement propensity.

For over 15 years SBG Media has been a leader in compliant, permission-based email marketing. Our team of deliverability experts have consistently found success in a channel known for difficulty and unpredictable transformations.

Display Campaigns

We serve millions of ad impressions via our proprietary ad-serving engine every day. Unlike most supply-side platforms, our technology is driven by declared consumer attributes, which allows us to show consumers the messaging, products, and offers we are confident are relevant to them—because they’ve told us so.

Amplifying our technology is a network of owned and operated consumer web properties. Our sites have been designed as “top of funnel” destinations for consumers interested in brand engagement and experiences. These unique offerings, coupled with our unmatched ad-serving, creates true reach and yield-optimization capabilities.

Lead Generation

As a leader in the lead generation space, SBG Media enables marketers to build their own permission based first-party data asset against our very responsive audience.

Consumers can be targeted geographically, demographically, behaviorally, or by user-declared attributes, allowing you a fine level of control in identifying audiences and optimizing yield. This model also ensures that express consent for future marketing communications is attained on each lead. All this on a cost-per-action basis!