Data Solutions


Incremental Reach

Discover new consumer connections you haven’t found elsewhere and establish a relationship you own.

Declared Attributes

Target standard or custom audience segments built with declared data that is never modeled or inferred.

People-Based Addressability

As third-party cookies and other identifiers become increasingly scarce, our first-party people-based identity is ready for the future.

Leverage our declared data attributes to target qualified prospects in your Programmatic, Social Media, or CTV campaigns.

Programmatic Audiences

With one of the largest online promotional marketing programs in the country, SBG Media captures millions of declared consumer attributes each month. Our custom audiences are comprised completely of deterministic data from permission-based consumers generated on our owned and operated properties.

Improve ROI and take your audience buying strategy to the next level by connecting our deterministically sourced data sets, improved with proprietary Flicker™ technology. Capture prospective customers based on their propensity to buy with real-time in-market audience marketing segmentation.

Reach consumers with a qualified propensity to purchase your product or service. Engage new customers and take guesswork out of audience segmentation marketing with SBG Media’s deterministic audience data. Custom audiences built for true omnichannel reach without the use of cookies, generated in a privacy-safe, consumer-first way.