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SBG Media
unleashes the power of declared data to maximize return on your digital advertising campaigns. Flicker™ our proprietary technology, drives a persistent association of new and changing data into an ever-developing identity profile, allowing us to customize addressable, location, and behavioral audiences to individual campaign objectives across multiple channels simultaneously.

We work with you to build campaigns that target your ideal customers and increase your ROI. We’re experts at delivering customers with high lifetime value at scale. Significant Business Growth – It’s what we do.


Target unique audiences across one or more of our highly engaged channels


Meet your new customers in their inbox with relevant messages that drive engagement. Our proprietary Flicker™ technology consumes millions of signals daily which are used in conjunction with our registration based first-party data, allowing you to precisely target segments both with affinity and engagement propensity. More


Declared data enhances targeting to a highly engaged audience on owned media properties. We serve millions of ad impressions via our proprietary ad-serving engine every day. Unlike most supply-side platforms, our technology is driven by declared consumer attributes, which allows us to show consumers the messaging, products, and offers we are confident are relevant to them—because they’ve told us so. More


Build your own permission based first-party data asset against our very responsive audience. As a leader in the lead generation space, SBG Media enables marketers to build their own permission based first-party data asset against our very responsive audience. More


Leverage our declared data to target prospects in Programmatic, Social Media, or CTV campaigns. With one of the largest online promotional marketing programs in the country, SBG Media captures millions of declared consumer attributes each month. Our custom audiences are comprised completely of deterministic data from permission-based consumers generated on our owned and operated properties. More