Online Communities
As we continually develop new web properties to add to our portfolio, our goal is always to build upon our following of consumers and find more who want to know about your company's promotions. By optimizing placement and maximizing co-registration, we can ensure your message reaches the widest audience. Our current properties have active communities of:
  • Women
  • Men
  • Parents
  • Seniors
Social Media
With over 2.34 billion social media users in 2016, the importance of brand awareness on these platforms cannot be understated. Our social media outreach allows you to interact with your loyal fans and engage new customers. In addition to showcasing the number of people who love your product, a increased presence on social media allows you to:
  • Find out what your customers think about your range of products
  • Test new products and ideas through effective communication with your customers
  • Encourage your fans to be your brand ambassadors
Newsletters & Email
127.5 Million consumers used an online coupon in 2016; up over 5% from the previous year. Thousands of our subscribers are eager to hear about the best promotions we can offer them. Internet coupon and offer redemption has grown more than 300% since 2009, why not take advantage of that knowledge? Benefit from SBG Media's ability to:
  • Target consumers based on gender, age, zip/postal code, and much more
  • Be prominently featured in several newsletters
  • Send exclusive emails that only feature your promotion for maximum exposure
Take advantage of our existing key partner relationships for access to millions of high quality users. Just some of the benefits include:
  • Top quality traffic from trusted, experienced partners
  • SubID tracking to easily monitor partners who are performing well
  • Request extra traffic or offer payout increases for specific partners
  • All partners are available to you in one place
Tracking Software
Media Buying is all about results, and we know that you want those results in real time. SBG Media's tracking software provides you with:
  • Real time tracking of impressions, clicks, and leads
  • SubID tracking so you can keep track of all sources driving traffic to your offer
  • Advanced fraud monitoring
  • The ability to customize your tracking to your needs